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Righteous Sound Pickups

       Handcrafted Tone Machines       


Righteous Sound Pickups are skillfully handcrafted by owner and designer Joshua Spataro. Joshua began his search for the perfect tone 30 years ago with his first set of replacement pickups. This search led him to many boutique and large company pickup designs. Feeling that he never quite got the tone that he was searching for, he decided to create it.


All of our pickups are crafted from the finest materials available. Our coils are 100% hand shaped and tensioned resulting in unsurpassed dynamics and superior tone. We carefully select all of our components and our magnets are hand calibrated to achieve the most responsive pickups available. 

Often imitated but never duplicated, Joshua's unique and innovative designs also elevate the look of your guitar.   


Our goal is to inspire you to create and reach your full potential as a musician through designs that will enhance every nuance of your playing technique.




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