Frequently Asked Questions




Do you wax pot your pickups?


Yes. All Righteous Sound pickups are vacuum potted in a special mixture of the finest waxes. Our beeswax is locally sourced and 100% pure. Unpotted pickups are available upon request.


Do you scatterwind your coils?


Yes. No machines control the tension or traverse of our pickups. Our coils are 100% hand shaped and tensioned resulting in unsurpassed dynamics and superior tone. 


Why do you not provide details on magnet types and DC readings?


Many years of hard work have gone into the details of our pickup designs. We prefer to keep our recipes secret and to let our tone speak for itself. 


Do you have sound clips on your website? 


Yes. Each pickup design in our shop includes links in the description to our video sound clips on YouTube. 


Do you accept custom orders?


Yes. If there is something specific you are looking for, please contact us. 


What color codes are used on 4 conductor humbuckers? 


Red to south finish

Green to south start

White to north finish

Black to north start

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