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Ella epitomizes the essence of the Patent Applied For (P.A.F) pickup, reimagined for the contemporary guitarist. 


Drawing from years of meticulous experimentation, Ella was conceived with a simple yet innovative question: 'How would the iconic P.A.F be designed if it were born today?'


Engineered to carve its place in any mix, Ella doesn't just amplify your guitar's signal; it elevates your entire signal chain. 


Combining vintage warmth with modern components, Ella boasts custom Alnico magnets and non-traditional wire. This results in a sound that strikes the perfect balance: crisp treble frequencies that remain present without becoming harsh, a rich midrange devoid of the nasaly mid hump, and powerful lows that resonate with clarity, avoiding muddiness. The “Tele on Steroids” moniker is aptly applied.

Ella Bridge

  • Production Time: Please see our FAQ page for current production times.
  • Payment: We accept credit cards and payment through Paypal. 
  • Shipping: We ship all pickups via USPS Priority Mail. We do ship internationally. International carriers may vary.
  • All sales are final. No cancellations, no refunds, no returns, no exchanges.
  • Warranty: All Righteous Sound Pickups come with a non-transferable two year replacement warranty against manufacturing defects.
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