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One thing you’ll find when working with vintage pickups is that consistency is pretty much non existent. It is not uncommon to see pickups from the same year wound with varying wire insulations, wind counts, magnet types, and sizes.


Some are exceptional and the epitome of said design, while others are the dreaded thin 'ice pick in the ear tone' we all want to stay far away from. Our Vintage Jazzmaster set is proudly the former. We replicated the pickups from an extraordinary 1959 Jazzmaster in Portland, Oregon. 

They are bright and articulate with a round low end. 

We recommend 1meg pots for traditional Jazzmaster tones, or if you prefer less treble bite, 500k will tame the highs.

Jazzmaster Bridge - Vintage

  • Production Time: Please see our FAQ page for current production times.
  • Payment: We accept credit cards and payment through Paypal. 
  • Shipping: We ship all pickups via USPS Priority Mail. We do ship internationally. International carriers may vary.
  • All sales are final. No cancellations, no refunds, no returns, no exchanges.
  • Warranty: All Righteous Sound Pickups come with a non-transferable two year replacement warranty against manufacturing defects.
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