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  • Joshua Spataro

The Heart of Your Tone

For our first blog post I want to talk a bit about how critical pickups are to your overall sound. Your pickups are always on, and are the first component in your signal chain right after your hands. A lot of players will obsess about finding the perfect pedal, but neglect the pickups in their instrument. The pickups in your guitar are responsible for "picking up" all of the nuances of your playing, and sending that signal to your amplifier.

A great set of pickups can transform an ok instrument into a great instrument. Replacing pickups allows you to fine tune the overall tonality of your guitar. Not all pieces of wood are created equal. No two pieces of Mahogany, Alder, or Swamp Ash will sound the same.

Many years ago I had an LP that I had a love/hate relationship with. It was my first LP ... A Gold Top! I had been stalking this guitar at my local shop for over a year. I eventually saved up enough money and was able to buy it. What a glorious day that was. I was stoked ... Until I compared it my friend's LP. Mine sounded sterile and anemic. Crazy thing was, his guitar was the exact same model and color. This led me to experimenting with different pickups in that guitar and eventually designing my own. The end result was the sound that I always heard in my head. It was the epitome of THAT SOUND!

I am very excited to launch Righteous Sound Pickups! I want to thank all of our family and friends for being so supportive and vital to helping our dream become a reality. We are very blessed.

With Gratitude,


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